The Marleys are trying to silence 18 Karat Reggae.

The Marleys
The Marleys

It seems like for the Marleys, you can write about them as long as your opinion of them is all good. If you have an opinion that they feel is unfavorable, however, they will target and come after you and that is what they have been doing to 18 Karat Reggae recently.

Of course we write great things about the Marleys but when we see something that does not seem kosher, we write about that too. We thought it was disgusting when Ziggy Marley puffed up his chest and boasted about how he supports apartheid Israel and we wrote about it. In our eyes, only a fake Rasta would support apartheid and oppression is any form. We also thought his winning of 7 Grammys for best reggae album is one of the biggest shams in the history of music and we wrote about that too.

We also wrote of how Chris Blackwell and the Marleys robbed the Barrett Brothers. Mainstream media was not giving both sides when it comes to the Marley, so we did.

In retataliation, the Marleys notified us that our site logo violated their trademark:

Trademark# in US and numerous others countries: 75/489,475 2,349,361
Rights Owner: Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited

Our logo was an image of Bob Marley and a lion, so we immediately changed our logo. For the record, the logo was not meant to have people believe that the site was in any way affiliated with the Marleys but because it is a reggae site and Bob is considered the king of reggae, we used it.

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Now the Marleys have taken it a step further, where are they are requesting that we remove images on articles about Bob Marley. How stupid is that? If we write an article about Bob Marley of course we are going to use a Bob Marley’s image, that’s what all publications do. What do they expect, should we write an article about Bob and use a Sizzla image instead?

Well, we spoke to our attorney and we were informed that we do not have to remove the images from a press release. However, we still have to see what the hosting company has to say as the Marleys have contacted them about “trademark violation” and “copyright infringement”.
We are not selling any merchandise with Bob Marley’s image. We are a site that specializes in reggae and often write about the Marleys, when we do, we use their images. Maybe the nest time we do an article on the Marley’s we will use an image of Hitler.

This is what we receive from the Marleys this time around.

Please note, one of the sites you are hosting, , is using an images owned by Bob Marley Music/Hope Road.

Link to page:

Link to image:×264.jpg

Link to page: Ziggy Marley is a disgrace to Rasta

Link to image:×264.jpg

Link to page: Bob Marley’s ten greatest songs

Link to image:×264.jpg

This site is in no way affiliated with Bob Marley Music or any Marley entities. No permissions or licenses have been granted for their use of these images.

Trademark# in US and numerous others countries: 75/489,475 2,349,361
Rights Owner: Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited

We would greatly appreciate if you could remove these images. Please let me know if you need any additional information from us.

Daneane Gallardo
Web Coordinator
Bob Marley

This is our understanding of using a celebrity/public figure image or any person’s image as a matter of fact, in a press release.

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You do not need release to use a person’s name or image for informational purposes. An informational (or “editorial”) purpose is anything that informs, educates, or expresses opinions protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution—freedom of speech and of the press. An informational use would include using a person’s name or photograph in a newspaper or magazine article, educational program, film, nonfiction book, or informational website.



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  1. The Marley’s don’t do anything to help the poor in Jamaica fire bun fe dem… Selah like the father sey don’t give up de fight

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