Mavado speaks about his deportation petition.

Dancehall Artist Mavado

Earlier this week, a Maryland resident by the name of Trudy A. Miller created a petition on the White House website asking for the dancehall reggae artist Mavado to be deported to Jamaica. The petition states that the dancehall entertainer is a non-residing felon living in the USA. It further stated that it is “grossly unfair that undocumented immigrants with no serious criminal records are deported daily, while a convicted felon, such as Mavado, has carte blanche to live and work here”.

The artist had the gollowing to say about the petition:

“Is somebody that used to work with me. Me find out him no real and let him go, so a fi him way dis to get back at me. I don’t know if him create the page or ask someone to do it, but he is the mastermind behind everything. This individual has contacted several media outlets and told them that I had limited amount of days to leave the States, among a bunch of other things; all of which are lies. I have been living here [the United States for three years. My wife and two of my kids are Americans and I have never committed a crime here. All I am doing is spending time with my family while doing music.”

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While Mavado refused to name the associate’s name, fans on social media sites are all saying that his former manager Julian is who the artiste is talking about.

Things are looking bright for the reggae star, however, because so far less than 20 people have sign the petition. For a petition to gain traction it needs 100,000 signatures.
Good luck Mavado. Keep your head up.



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