Munga Honourable cannot afford lawyer for his murder charge.

Munga Honourable
Munga Honourable

Munga Honourable is sitting in jail on a murder charge. The entertainer is in legal limbo as he cannot afford to pay for a lawyer to defend him, according to his former attorney, Christopher Townsend.

Munga whose given name is Damian Rhoden, is currently being held at the Hunts Bay Police Station in Kingston after being charged with the murder of Cleveland Smith.

“It seems unlikely that I will be representing Mr Rhoden, as he is not able to come up with the retainer,” Townsend told 18 Karat Reggae.

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It is unclear if Mr. Townsend’s retainer fee is just too high for Munga or if he is that broke that he just cannot afford an attorney.  At one point Munga Honourable was ta the top of dancehall music, even above Vybz Kartel.  His reign at the top did not last long, however, as auto-tune faded in the music so did Munga’s career.

With a catalog of hit songs that includes Bad from mi born, The Prayer and Flippin rhyme; hopefully the Gangsta Ras will soon accumulate enough royalty to afford an attorney.

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