Munga Honourable Suspected of Murder.

Munga Honourable
Munga Honourable

The man who dubbed himself as the “Gangsta Ras” is being questioned by police for an action that we would expect from hardcore gangstas. Munga Honourable, whose given name is Damian Rhoden, turned himself in to the police earlier today. He is being questioned in regard to a murder but has not been charged.

Munga is being questioned in relation to the murder of a man who allegedly attacked and chopped him two years ago.

At the time of the attack, the deejay made it clear that not only was he not interested in taking revenge for the attack but he was also encouraging his fans not to retaliate.

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“…Revenge is not my forte. Me nah encourage none a me fans or anyone to seek revenge. Positive movements,” Munga said at the time.

Arthur Brown, Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of the St Andrew South Division told 18 Karat Reggae that he was unable to say if the victim’s death is connected to the August 2015 attack on Munga Honourable but they had to view Munga has a person of interest because of the past incident.

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Munga rose to the top of dancehall during the heydays of auto-tune but as auto-tune faded so did the Rasta artist’s career.

During his dancehall reign, Munga had countless hit songs like “I came to take my place”, “Bad from mi born”, “Wine pon it” and “Earthquake”.



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