Ninja Man is moving on up, from DownSound to UpSound.

Ninja Man
Ninja Man

Like Mr. Jefferson from the TV show, Ninja Man is moving on up. The Don Gorgon is up in the big league and getting his turn at bat, he has no hard feeling to Downound but the Ninja is not looking back.

After all, if the original two front teeth Gully Bop can rise from the slums of the gully to be on international tour all over Europe, why can’t the original front teeth, gun on teeth rise up and become his own boss?

“Our time just done. I feel like it’s time that I go on my own. I went to DSR because I needed a little discipline, and they did a great job with me. I’m very thankful that Joe took a chance with me, because when me just come out a prison, nobody else never business wid me. When I went to DSR, it was a family, but ever since the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) lock down our base, we all over the place. The company split up, people frustrated, all sort of foolishness,” Ninja Man stated.

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He added that he will now be focusing on his own record label, Upsound Orthodox, as well as working with legendary veteran artists.

“I see some faults in dancehall reggae now where I am needed, so I will be doing some work with older artistes. This aspect of the company will be called ‘Ninja Man Foundation: Old Picture Frame Promotions’. This will entail bookings, artiste management and production,” he said.

Plans are also underway to start his own reggae dancehall entertainment newspaper which will be called The Artiste’s Journal. It will be managed by Howard McGowan.

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“I want this newspaper to focus on the positivity of dancehall. Persons only tend to focus on the negative aspect, and I want to change that. I have to do things for myself and allow Joe to focus on the younger artistes like Don Husky, Nature and Ishawna,” he stated.

“Me just want big up DSR again. Thanks for everything. Big up yuhself Joe; Big up Skatta; big up the writer, Pearl; Miss Rowe; and everybody. Big up Foota Hype, because me nah tek no side. Me a pray for a speedy recovery of Joe’s wife, Toya. Nuff respect. and anything DSR need me for, unuh can still call on me,” he told 18 Karat Reggae.



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