Oh, say can you see! Gully Bop is coming to America.

Gully Bop
Gully Bop

After waiting for more than 40 years, reggae dancehall artiste Gully Bop has finally received a US visa.

Gully Bop, who rose to instant fame in 2014 via social media, recently performed at several events in Europe and the Caribbean. However, fans in the United States will finally get a chance to see him in action.

His manager, Heavy D, who spoke to 18 Karat Reggae on his behalf, says Gully Bop’s visa is an opportunity to expand his brand.

“Gully Bop is on a world tour and the United States is the next stop. A US visa makes it easier to travel to certain places, and at present people are begging for him in Canada and the UK,” he said.

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Several US-based shows are already being advertised with the artiste. However, Heavy D says Gully Bop will not be traveling until he has performed at Reggae Sumfest 2015’s Dancehall Explosion on July 16 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in St James.

While giving thanks to God for Gully Bop’s blessing, Heavy D also shared concern for the current set of Jamaican artistes who are residing in Jamaica without travelling privilege to the United States.

“Every artiste needs to have a visa. I don’t know how we are going to get to the stage where all of them can travel, but we need to get there. Gully Bop got his and it’s good for him because now his rags- to-riches story will continue,” Heavy D said.

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Gully Bop is promoting a new collaboration with Boosh Kash called Summer Rave.



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