Peter Tosh: Too Bumbo Clawt Black Fi Dem. (October 19, 1944 – September 11, 1987)

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Peter Tosh
Peter Tosh

Today is the earth day of the great Peter Tosh. He is arguably the greatest reggae star Jamaica ever produced. He will not get his due, however, because Peter Tosh is simply too Black and too militant fi dem.

There will not be any great major celebrations for the stepping razor. The Jamaican Tourist Board will not sponsor any Peter Tosh events to try and attract foreigners to the island. The Government of Jamaica will not hold anything in his honor at the national level.

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While many so-called Rastas and the so-called high society people don’t even know that today is Peter Tosh’s birthday, the real revolutionaries are having two symposiums in his honor.

The first is staged by the Kingston and St Andrew Ganja Growers and Producers Association and the National Alliance for the Legalization of Ganja in partnership with the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation at Curphey Place in St Andrew.

It reflects on the life and legacy of Tosh, an unrepentant advocate for the legalization of ganja. Mayor of Kingston Angela Brown-Burke will address the forum, which has a panel moderated by her husband Paul Burke, Tosh’s former manager Herbie Miller, social activist Louis Moyston, and UWI lecturer, Dr Michael Barnett.

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Guest speakers include Tosh’s friend, former Jamaica footballer Allan ‘Skill’ Cole; president of the National Ganja Growers Association, Orville Silvera, and Minister of Transport Dr Omar Davies.

Long live The Stepping Razor… Legalize It!



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  1. One would think that no matter how deep the struggle that a MAN who was dedicated to truth and right could be prejudiced because he was too BLACK and to militant. Just as Marcus and Martin stood up and shined so did Peter in his own light!!! JAMAICA DON’T JUDGE A MAN BLACKNESS!!!!! Or what he told truth about oppression, freedom, poverty and legalizing marijuana. I just read something about how Jamaica doesn’t hoSheroes Heroes And Sheroes equally and fairly. I speak for ONE JOE HIGGS who made it happen fI deh whole a dem

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