Popcaan and Ishawna had a romantic fling, according to Foota Hype.

It is hard for regular people to keep a romantic fling as a secret in Jamaica. If you are a celebrity, then it is almost impossible to keep the public out of your love life.

According to Foota Hype, however, Ishawna managed to keep it a secret that she was being banged by Popcaan after breaking up with her baby daddy, Foota Hype.

The “Equal Rights” singer who career has flopped since she disrespected Jamaica’s icon, Miss Lou, was posting photos of her and her current lover when over-zealous fans began to tag Foota Hype in the photo. The top flight selector apparently got tired of the trolling and decided to out Ishawna and Popcaan’s secret.

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“Unu a tag di wrong man mi and this girl left 5 years ago a Popcaan unu fi tag I’m just cruising and minding my bizniz,” Foota Hype posted. ““Me no in a the mix up unu please stop tag me I’m old news tag the right person bless.”

So to all the Jamaican women who were angry at Popcaan for having a white girlfriend, you can calm down with the anger, the unruly one was still banging a Jamaican chic on the side.



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