Reggae and Rape: From false accusations to repeat offenders.

Jah Cure
Jah Cure

Over the years, a few reggae artists have been accused and charged for rape. Whether or not the allegations are true, only the reggae artists and their accusers know.

What we know is that some artists were found guilty, convicted, sentenced and serve time for the accusations, even while vehemently denying that the rape occurred. While it would be unwise to swear for anyone, it can be safely said that in some cases, it would seem like reggae artists have been falsely accused and convicted. In other cases, however, based on an artist behavior and repeat charges of the same crime, it is safe to say some are truly guilty for the crimes for which they were convicted.

Take Jah Cure for example; his behavior after serving time for rape has not reflected the behavior of a rapist. The artist has gone on to have a stellar music career, got married and started a beautiful family. From all account, at least what is visible to the public, Jah Cure has been a great husband and a great father. Study has shown that most criminals continue to get in some kind of trouble after their initial arrest. Based on Jah Cure’s behavior and the fact that he has persistently denied the rape allegations, it is easy to conclude that the allegation that he raped a woman was false accusation.

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For someone like Zebra, however, is story is completely different than Jah Cure’s. Zebra repeatedly got himself in trouble facing rape charges on numerous occasions. He is currently incarcerated. The fact that Zebra served time for rape, got released and then got charged and convicted for rape again would lead one to believe that he is guilty of rape. That is because we see a trend in the artist behavior.

Like Zebra, dancehall artist Deva Brat also faced repeat charges of sexual assault. After being freed of carnal abuse against a minor in 2008, Deva Brat was again charged for sexual assault in 2012. According to reports, the artist took two females to his home, where he made sexual advances on them. The females rejected his advances and as a result they were both assaulted. One female was reported punched in the face and suffered bruises in her face. While the other complained that the deejay tried to push his hand in her pants. Again, when you see a trend, more than likely the accusations are true. Since this incident, Deva Brat has also gotten in trouble with the law in the United States, although those charges are not of a sexual nature.

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Elephant Man is also awaiting trials and rape charges, which the artist continues to claim his innocence. According to reports, Elephant Man, born O’Neill Bryan, was questioned by police, who arrested him after they decided the woman’s story held up. This is the first time Elephant has been charged with rape, so for now we must go with the old cliche, “innocent till proven guilty”.

Even if all these rape allegations are false, which in the case of Jah Cure and Elephant Man, they most likely are; reggae artists still need to be careful and aware of who they surround themselves in. If fans or even non fans, are willing to falsely accuse them of rape, then they need to make sure they don’t put themselves in such position where they can be falsely accused.



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