Reggae artist is back after being gunned down.

Real V.I.
Real V.I.

The singer, songwriter and recording artist who was gunned down is back with a new look on life.

He is (The Real V.i) With his New song title (Angle’s watching over me) written from his own experience After being a victim of the harsh realities of his community Seaview Garden, Jamaica.

By simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Real V.I. was gunned down but he survived. He eventually accepted his circumstances, although a wheel chair became a permanent part of his life.

Confinement to a wheelchair did not deter Real V.I. from pursuing his dreams. Through sheer determination he set out to conquer one of the biggest challenges of his life. Through this journey He have been inspired, motivated and totally driven by his passion for music.

Currently working with Earth Source Records out of New York He have recorded several new songs and has released his New E.p Titled (A RichMi Say) which is now available on iTunes and other places were music is sold.



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