Reggae Artist Sizzla fined for profanity.


Reggae artist Sizzla who has been released from jail after being arrested for using profanity during his performance has now being fined by the court.

The case resulted from the artiste’s delivery of an expletive-laced performance on the grounds of the New Falmouth Police Station early last Saturday morning, where hundreds were in attendance, including community leaders, some of whom are high-ranking policemen and women.

While the laws of the land must be upheld, it is disgusting that the police who know the kind of entertainer Sizzla is, would invite him to perform for them then arrest him when he gives a Sizzla type performance.  I guess in their eyes it is alright for him to give a Sizzla performance when he is performing at sting for the people of the ghettos but not when he is around the “high-ranking”.  This shows the disgraceful classism that exists in Jamaica.  You can’t invite a Sizzla to perform and then expect a Beres Hammond type of performance, it just doesn’t work like that.

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Anyway, the fine was but a slap on the wrist.  Sizzla was fined 1,000 Jamaican dollars which is the equivalent of less than $10 in the United States.

While the uptown brats were glad to see Sizzla arrested, charged and fined; the downtown poor people who are the majority were more than happy to see the Rasta Warrior burn a spiritual fire on Babylon even in the presence of Babylon.

Sizzla Kalonji for the people… the oppressed people.



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