Reggae Star Chronixx thrills crowd at Jamaica College.


Reggae superstar, Chronixx, one of the leaders of the Reggae Revival Movement put on a show at Jamaica college that will be remembered for the ages.

Chronixx had been so busy touring the world and promoting his “Dread and Terrible” EP that his fellow Jamaicans did not get much chance to see the man who along with other artists like Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal have been carrying the reggae banner on positive heights.  The venue was jam packed as it seems like the entire Jamaica came out to see their musical hero.

The introduction of his next song was met with screams and shouts of approval. As he crooned the lyrics of Ain’t No Giving In, the audience was transformed into Chronixx’s personal choir.

Backed by the Zincfence Redemption Band, Chronixx was showcased in a way many had not seen him before, the setting allowing fans insight into his mind.

Chronixx presented his first surprise for the night, cameo appearances by fellow artistes. While he reminded fans to Slow Down, Kabaka Pyramid was in a militant mood. “Whole heap a things a gwaan a Jamaica. The place a bun dung. Look how much things we have for people to want to come to Jamaica. We need the Government fi know say certain things nuh alright,” he said, before launching into Well Done.

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As they departed the stage, Chronixx slowed it down a bit, much to the delight of the many female fans in attendance. As he crooning Access Granted and Rain Music, female fans screamed in awe.

His set was punctuated by social commentary and storytelling, which added to the experience. “For me, music is a form of storytelling … You don’t really see old people and young people a par again. Me grow wid my granny, mother, father. Society has a disparity, that’s why the yutes dem so loose. Dem never get them grandfather and grandmother message. I’m a news carrier. I carry news. So from now on, we gonna do some back and forth storytelling,” Chronixx told the audience.

This set the stage for songs such as Capture Land and Here Comes Trouble.

Although Protoje is away in New York City promoting his latest album, Ancient Future, fans took over for him as they helped Chronixx on Who Knows.

The ‘Small Axe’, Jesse Royal, was greeted rapturously. He brought the event’s energy to another level as he reeled off Modern Day Judas. Up next was Dre Island, who also excited the crowd.

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Proving once again that he champions the cause of “poor people”, Chronixx told the security at the gate to “free up” so that those on the outside could come in. “Unuh collect the whole heap a money a the gate already, let in the rest a people dem,” he said to applause.

Those coming in were just in time to see Keznamdi hit the stage with his song Darkness.

After a brief discourse with his fans on the decriminalisation of marijuana, Chronixx segued into Rasta Man Wheel Out. He also paid tribute to iconic reggae artiste Toots Hibbert with a rendition of 54-46 That’s My Number (I Say Yeah).

By now, the show was winding down, but audience members refused to acknowledge that the end was near. “Unuh come like some kids whe people haffi hide and leave or dem will cry,” Chronixx said to much laughter.

He did Like A Whistle, Behind Curtain and Spurlina before departing the stage. However, the audience members wanted more from Chronixx. He willingly obliged, returning to give the fans just what they wanted, including an appearance by his father Chronicle.



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