Reggae Star’s girlfriend caught smuggling cocaine in Jamaican beef patties.

Jamaican beef patties
Jamaican beef patties

The sister of a Jamaican reggae artist was busted after Customs agents found four pounds of cocaine hidden in a box of Tastee Beef Patties at Kennedy Airport.

Federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials said agents got suspicious when they found the box of Tastee Brand Jamaican Beef Patties in Chantal Alecia Bedward’s luggage when she arrived at JFK Airport from Kingston.

When they took her into a private search room and opened the box, 12 duct taped packages of cocaine spilled out.

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Agents arrested Bedward for drug smuggling and turned the case over to the Department of Homeland Security investigations unit.

“This seizure demonstrates the vigilance and dedication demonstrated daily by CBP officers at JFK, in keeping these prohibited and dangerous narcotics off the streets of our communities,” said Robert E. Perez, Director of Field Operations in New York for CBP.

Perez said that during questioning Bedward informed them that she was the sister of a reggae artist but he refused to release the artist’s name. Last year a girlfriend of popular dancehall star, Beenie Man, was allegedly caught smuggling drugs in Miami airport. Just a few weeks ago the sister of reggae crooner, Jah Cure, was also allegedly caught smuggling cocaine in Fort Lauderdale airport.

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Bedward will be prosecuted in Brooklyn Federal Court.



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