Rihanna threatens to release Jennifer Lopez’s sextape.

Jennifer Lopez sextape
Jennifer Lopez sextape

Drake is now dating Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna is not taking it lightly. The Bajan popstar has threatened that if Lopez and Drake continue their romantic fling, she will be forced to release a sextape of Lopez.

According to sources close to Rihanna’s camp, the diva obtained a copy of the sextape from Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband.

Jennifer Lopez has fought for years to keep her private honeymoon tapes out of the public eye, but her ex-husband and his business partner Ed Meyer may now be able to release hours of the intimate footage, as Lopez withdrew her claims against Noa and Meyer in July while their case was in arbitration.

While the master tape is being held in a depository by court order, Meyer says that he has copies, and that he is preparing to release them to the public. “We are going to produce a DVD and also have a streaming release of the J.Lo home video footage,” Meyer said. “There is revealing video of her with a lack of clothing and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel footage from the honeymoon.”

The video, Meyer says, will reveal a side of Lopez that has previously not been seen by the masses, including footage of the singer confronting her mother about her gambling, and spanking an un-named person in bed. “The videos contain salacious material and are going to shock her fans,” he promised.

So far, there have been no word from Lopez on whether or not she intends to end the relationship with Drake or risk her sextape going public.



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