Sadekie Lennox is destined to be great.

Sadekie Lennox
Sadekie Lennox

Jamaica is a special country, especially when it comes to music, the Island has produced some of the most talented musicians the world has ever seen or heard, such as, Bob Marley. A rare musical diamond in the rough, known as, Sadekie Lennox, was introduced to this world on May 18, 1989, in Kingston, Jamaica. As an artist who is destined to be great, he has blessed others with his soothing voice since his musical journey began. Today, his musical creativeness brings a different aroma to this nation, and to the world. Alongside his outstanding vocals and presence in studio, Sadekie Lennox embodies charisma, strength, and stamina.

Lennox’s parents, Angella Richards, and Ephraim Lennox fostered his musical talents at a tender age. At the age of 7, Lennox knew he didn’t just have a voice, buy instead, he believed that he had a God-given talent as a singer/song writer. Coming from a Christian background, Lennox started singing for audience at the age of 14. The singer/song writer also participated in many other activities that helped further his love for music. Not only was Lennox the lead singer in his church choir, he was also a vital part of the community drum core, St. Jude’s Marching Band, where he played the side drums.

Despite being destined for greatness, Lennox still had to face the daily obstacles that come along with becoming a man of his own. At the age of 18 years old, Lennox started working for the government of Jamaica as a Correctional Officer. It was during this time that he befriended two young co-workers, who were also singers. The correctional facility, much to Lennox’s surprise, it was equipped with a recording studio. He embraced this opportunity and began getting familiar with being in a live studio. The first time Lennox ever recorded was with two other officers he befriended. It was a great experience for him, giving him the courage to continue, and to push towards his dream as a singer/song writer.

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Lennox soon retired from his job to focus on music full time, starting with finding a comfortable studio to record his music. In 2010, his long search lead him to ShowJam Productions in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Here he worked with his voice trainer, Paul Brown, and you could have called it love at first note. The owner of ShowJam Productions fell in love with Sadekie Lennox’s unique vocals and he was blessed with many opportunities to become a better vocalist, including performing on stage alongside his personal vocal coach Paul Brown. In 2012, as he continued to branch out, Lennox came in contact with a new studio called Sandstorms Records. Here he was able to further use his voice by doing dubs and jingles for selectors in other countries. He also work with international producer, Fabio Kaindl, Ceo/founder of Tallawah Prouctions in Austria. While working with Kaindl, Sadekie recorded his first three singles “Fi Mi Mama”, “Tonight”, and “Rise and Shine”. These hits were just the beginning for Lennox. In 2015, Lennox signed a production contract with 5 Stars Recording Inc. His music been powered by a strong team and distributed worldwide through Zojak World Wide.

Through Lennox’s unconditional faith and persistence, and the talented members of the 5 Stars Recording Inc. team, he is now growing into a great reggae artist, recognized across the world. Nothing good comes easy. After many struggles, like rejection, financial barriers, and the struggle of finding the right team, Lennox remains inspired and continues to make great music.

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“It has been a long journey from being just a school kid to becoming a man, and trying to manage the adult life, and the singing life” Sadekie Lennox says. In the beginning, all Lennox wanted to do was create music, not just being famous. He just wanted to sing and that passion remains even today. Lennox continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams, because anything is possible. Lennox’s biggest dream is to tour the world and spread the love of music in everywhere, high and low. He would like to grace the stage at Reggae Sumfest, the number one reggae show on Earth, and Rebel Salute. There is a lot in store for Sadekie Lennox. As he says, “with hard work and dedication comes great success. What is yours is yours and nobody can take that away from you.” With hot new songs ready to be recorded, Lennox is at his prime and continues to progress as a singer/song writer. He will soon prove to be one of the best artist from the Jamaican soil of entertainment.

For information and bookings, please contact:
5 Stars Recording Inc.
Tel: JA 876-582-1947
USA 1917-642-7944



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