Shenseea says her son only sees beauty in white and mixed race women.

Shenseea and her son
Shenseea and her son

Dancehall superstar, Shenseea, is learning through her son what psychologists have known for years. Children between the ages of 3-months to 6-years old see their own complexion as the most beautiful. So a dark skin baby will see dark skin as the most beautiful complexion and a light baby will see light skin as the most beautiful. Basically every child is born seeing beauty in self until society teaches them differently.

Shenseea is biracial; her mother was an African-Jamaican and her father is Asian. That makes her son Rajeiro also biracial or multiracial. The child is also light skin and is at the age where psychologists say children see beauty in their own complexion. Therefore Shenseea should not worry if her son is showing a liking to women who has his complexion, it is natural and does not mean the child is racist or will grow up to be a racist. The singjay is not taking any chances, however, and is making the effort to teach her son that all complexions are beautiful.

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“I will hear Raj talking about women, saying, ‘This girl is so pretty’, and in many instances, it will be female of mixed race or a Caucasian, and I make sure to show him images of black women to question him about what he sees as beautiful. But it’s not about complexion. My thing is beauty starts from within,” Shenseea said. “I want him to know all women are beautiful. I want him to be honest and humane, and it’s not a hard task for me because I was grown in a home that taught respect. He will look at me and say things like, ‘Mommy, you’re so beautiful,’ and that’s what I want him to do, make women feel special.”

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Shenseea also wants the world to know that although people put her on the beauty pedestal because of physical attractiveness she is also a beautiful person on the inside.

“A lot of people may say that I am beautiful, but it’s important to me that they know it’s not how I look on the outside but on the inside. I am attracted to people’s personalities, and sometimes on the inside they are the worst, the exterior is a facade,” the singjay said.



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