Shenseea tells 50 Cent and Trey Songz that her “pu$$y is blessed”.

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Shenseea might be missing from Instagram but she was in da club doing big things with Trey Songz and 50 Cent and she let both rappers know that her vagina was blessed.

It was big pimpin at club E11even in Miami and Shenseea had no problem showing the crowd that she can hold her own with the biggest Rap and R&B stars and also in front of a hip hop crowd.

At one point a fan told the dancehall princess that she was feeling amazing to which Shenseea responded, “You’re feeling amazing, I’m feeling blessed, my pu$$y is blessed, girl we good.”

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Both Trey and 50 seemed excited by Shenseea’s revelation. Trey then asks the blessed singer, ““What you say about your pu$$y?”

Shenseea then reconfirmed what she said previously by responding, “it is blessed.”

After Shenseea left the stage 50 Cent let the crowd know that he did not doubt what the Jamaican queen had said about her vagina.

“Wait a minute, she said her pu$$y was blessed. I believe her,” 50 Cent said to the crowd.

Whether 50, Trey or both rappers got a chance to test if Shenseea’s pu$$y was really blessed is unknown at this time.

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