Spice disses Vybz Kartel.

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Spice and Vybz Kartel
Spice and Vybz Kartel

Over the years Spice has always shown a lot of love, respect and admiration for Vybz Kartel. The two even recorded two hit songs together with “Romping Shop” and “Conjugal Visit”. So it is shocking, confusing and surprising at the remarks she is making after not winning the “Song of the Year” award at the Youth View Awards 2015.

Spice’s song “So mi like it” was in the running for song of the year, a category which was won by Vybz Kartel for his effort “Miami Vice”. One would expect that Spice would be congratulating her friend who has been like a mentor and some would even say is partly responsible for Spice reaching the heights she did in dancehall. However, Spice pulled a Kanye West move and let it known to the world that it is her, not Vybz Kartel who should have won song of the year. The female artist of the year posted the following on twitter:

So you expect me to roll over and play dead? You expect after all the hard work I put in, I’m gonna sit back and let you act like I didn’t deserve what was due to me? Did you think that me of all persons would be quiet about how, biased this industry is? Well, let me tell you this if you didn’t want to hear it, So Mi Like It is one of the biggest dancehall songs last year. Not to mention the most viewed video out of Jamaica last year. So you are trying to tell me the people hated this song so much that no one voted for it?

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Spice has never been accused of being a crack head or an idiot but she is surely acting like one. Someone needs to tell her that not because she did not win the category that does not mean people hated or did not vote for her song. It simply means that Vybz Kartel song received more votes. It is basic kindergarten math that most 2 year olds would understand.

Spice went on a further nonsensical rant when she says:

If you are going to keep such a beautiful ceremony, please make it logical and truthful because the people are not blind and dem a talk bout it. Yes, I won Female Artiste of the Year, thanks, but you didn’t have to award me for that title I knew it belonged to me hands down.

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So she is saying that she did not need to be awarded female artist of the year, because she knew that award belonged to her hand down. So in other words, she did not know that the song of the year belongs to her hands down. In this case, she was in a competition with four other competitors which included Vybz Kartel and Kartel won, plain and simple.

While she did not specifically call Vybz Kartel’s name, Spice in no uncertain term, made it clear that Vybz Kartel did not deserve his awards and maybe should return the song of the year award to her.

“Some a unno artiste fi stop collect people things too because mi know guilt a nyam out unno belly bottom,” she said.

It can’t be certain if Spice really believes her song is better that Vybz Kartel or of her rant is just a publicity stunt. This is dancehall after all. People do anything for publicity.



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