Stacey Dash issues apology to Black Community.

Stacey Dash who has been recently fired from Fox News has come out with what she says is her sincere apology to the Black community. She also wants the world to know that she also had something to do with her leaving Fox as she was no longer willing to be a puppet disrespecting and denigrating her people.

Dash on Monday apologized for her “actions of the past and the role I have played in the misrepresentation and mistreatment of communities of color.”
“I said a lot of things in the past that I regret. Things that was hurtful to my community things that were not necessarily true. I did so because of the environment I was in but I recognize these wrongs and would like to make amends for them,” Dash continued.

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Dash said she wants to continue to be a commentator and contributor but not in the environment like the one over at Fox.

“I am not interested in doing anything that will tear down my people; I want to do commentaries that uplift the minority communities throughout the country.”

When asked if she would work with networks like BET or OWN, Dash replied, “Absolutely, why not?”



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