The story behind Vybz Kartel’s kidney infection.

Vybz Kartel in prison
Vybz Kartel in prison

Last week, numerous media outlets reported that Vybz Kartel was hospitalized due to a serious kidney infection.

First, I want to clear something up: serious kidney infection is redundant.  That’s like being a very pregnant.  It is either you arr pregnant or you or not.  It is either you have a kidney failure or you don’t, they are all serious.

There are many factors that can contribute to kidney infection, ranging from severe dehydration, infection, side effects or toxicity from medications, severe bleeding and auto-immune diseases such as lupus.

Kidney infections are more prevalent in women because it is easier for them to get bladder infections based on their biological makeup.

The most likely explanation behind Vybz Kartel’s hospitalization, based on some of the stories circulating, is that he was probably suffering from severe dehydration.

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Kidney infection includes decreased urine output, fatigue, abdominal pain, confusion, pain in the side and body swelling.

If kidney is not treated, the symptoms worsen.  Ultimately, the patient develops seizures, then falls into a coma and could die. This is why I consider the kidney to be one of the most critical organs in the human body.

To treat kidney infections the doctor will use antibiotics.  If the cause is dehydration, the doctor will hydrate the patient.  For auto-immune diseases, you would likely use steroid therapy.

Most people recover fully from kidney infections but in rare cases, especially if not treated, it can lad to chronic kidney disease and ultimately kidney failure.

Some of the ways doctors monitor kidney infections include blood tests looking for the presence of creatine, and ultrasounds or imaging of kidneys.  In some cases, patients may need dialysis to filter out the excess waste that has built up in the body so the kidneys can take a little break.

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No matter what, kidney infection is a serious problem and should be treated immediately after diagnosis.

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