The Wailers, NWA and The Jews who destroyed the crews.

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The Wailers and NWA
The Wailers and NWA

Are the ones who financed the destructive cruises the same ones who financed the destruction of the crews?

People think of The Wailers and they think of what was probably the most important group in the history of reggae music. People think of Niggas With Attitude (N.W.A) and they think of arguably the most important group in Hip Hop, although some might argue that such title belongs to Public Enemy.

Being the most important group in their respective genre is not the only similarities between The Wailers and NWA. No other musical groups represent the plight and the struggle of Black people like the two groups. If you ever wondered how Blacks just can’t seem to unite and get over the hump, just study the stories of The Wailer and NWA, the answer will be staring you right in the face.

Reggae and hip hop started out as the voices for those who had no voice. Both genres were more than just music. They were powerful movements; movements for justice; movements for social change. If the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword is true, then the pens that wrote the lyrics for hip hop and reggae were at one point becoming mightier than guns, armored tanks and even nuclear bombs. These movements if not hijacked, were bound to release Black people from the mental chains that bind them even today.

A free thinking Black man is a dangerous man in the eyes of the establishment. Free thinking Black people as a whole, is the establishment’s worst nightmare. The free thinking Black man is stronger than Superman but there is also a kryptonite for this strong Black man, it’s the establishment’s green, the establishment’s money.

So each time a Black movement seems to be getting too strong, there is always a white Jewish guy with his money, gained through exploitation, to further exploit and already exploited people. In the case of The Wailers, it was Chris Blackwell or as Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer referred to him, Chris Whiteworst. In the case of NWA it was Jerry Heller or the man from hell as Ice Cube referred to him.

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Whenever these Jews get involved with these groups, the first order of business is always to tear them apart or as Ice Cube put it so eloquently in his song, No Vaseline:

Don’t believe what ****** say
Cause he is going out like Kunte Kinte
But I got a whip for you Toby
Used to be my homie now you act like you don’t know me
It’s a case of divide and conquer
Cause you made a Jew break up my crew

Ice Cube hit it spot on, divide and rule is exactly what the plan is at inception. While it is easy to trump up bogus reasons to go in and kill off Black Panthers like they did with Huey Newton, it is a more difficult task to murder musicians with a message. So instead of murdering the messengers, they create conflicts between them and then attempt to destroy the message.
For Blacks to get over the hump, they must find a way to resist being tempted by the kryptonite. Of course this is a difficult task, especially when you are living in a capitalist society. But it can be done. We have seen it being done. Just look at the financial pressure that the gay Community has put on dancehall star Bounty Killer, yet he refuses to bow to them, choosing instead to stand firm in his belief. That’s the kind of sacrifice Blacks will have to make. Loyalty before money.

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There is no way Chris Blackwell should have been able to create what Peter Tosh calls “segregation” between The Wailers. Not when you were coming from so far. There is no way Jerry Heller should have been able to break up NWA, especially with a name like NWA and what the acronym stood for. Like Ice Cube said:

You can’t be a nigga for life crew
With a white Jew telling you what to do

It is the same The Wailers couldn’t chant down Babylonian pulling the strings. Chris Blackwell knew he had to break up the Wailers, otherwise how would he manage the no compromising personality of Peter Tosh. Imagine a Jewish man having to use his Jewish money to produce a song that says, “Palestinians want equal rights and justice… And we don’t want no peace until we have equal rights and justice.” What would he tell his Jewish family and friends? He probably wouldn’t be invited to his own son’s bar mitzvah. While Chris Blackwell could get Bob Marley to say he is “not on the Black man’s side”, there is no strings he could pull to get Peter Tosh to utter such foolishness.

The question must be asked, how did the Jews get so deeply involved in these two powerful black cultures, reggae and hip hop? Were they driven by greed and saw an opportunity to make lots of money from Black talent and creativity? Or was it all a part of the never ending quest to prevent Black people from uniting. What a day when Black people unite, a unity that no amount of money can break, what a day of rejoicing that will be.



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  1. People follow their destinies the way God meant them to be and at any given moment in that destiny you always find yourself exactly where your Creator has planned for you to be.

    Bob’s destiny was defined the way it unfolded with all the blessings and mishaps, no one can take anything away from him. No excuses. When you think about it, Bob, Bunny, and Peter together couldn’t have worked out anyway, too much talent at the same place. They split and wrote, each in his own right, the history of Reggae music and we the fans give thanks and praise.

    Everything happened according to the divine plan God had made for each and everyone of them.

    Nuff said.

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