Vybz Kartel could have a big lawsuit against the Jamaican Government.

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

It is now officially a week since Vybz Kartel has been hospitalized for kidney infection. In general, kidney infections are not supposed to last that long.

When treated properly, a patient suffering from kidney infection will start feeling better in a day or two, even though they will have to continue taking antibiotics for a full 7 days.  Patients do not need to stay at the hospital while taking the medications, however.  So the fact that Vybz Kartel is still in the hospital is a serious cause for concern.

Vybz Kartel symptoms started on September 20 but he was not sent to the hospital until September 25.  If the prison did not properly diagnose and treat Kartel when he first reported his symptoms to them then that could be the reason why the infection got so serious. If that is the case, Vybz Kartel could have a great case to file a lawsuit against the Jamaican Government.

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In prions jails and prisons across Jamaica and quite possibly the rest of the world, inmates are known to sometime fake illnesses just to get a break from the everyday prison routines.  If the prison warders thought Kartel was faking an illness and ignore his plea for help that could be the reason a simple kidney infection has gotten so serious.

There are also those who believe that Kartel might be suffering from a broken heart.  It was made public last week that Kartel’s wife, Shorty, is pregnant for Mavado and people close to the world boss say he is not taking it that well.

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One thing is for sure; whether Gaza, gully or vendetta, every dancehall fan is hoping that the world boss will have a full recovery soon.






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