Vybz Kartel gives his life to Jesus Christ; baptism coming soon.

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Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Jailed deejay Vybz Kartel has turned over his life to Jesus Christ. The world boss claims to be a changed man who will no longer write songs that promote violence, profanity, raunchy sex or anything that degrades Jamaica or society as a whole.

Yesterday, the artist who is serving a life sentence for murder sent a letter to Mutabaruka explaining why he has accepted the Christian faith. Below is the letter in it’s entirety.

“Recording songs has been my getaway in prison. Since that privilege has been taken away from me, I have had some time to search my soul. I have had the chance to find what I was looking for. Out in the world, I had all the money I needed. I had a beautiful wife with beautiful children and could get just about any woman I wanted. But I always felt like something was missing from my life. There was always this emptiness that no amount of girls, jewelry, guns, so-called friends and cars could fill.

These last few weeks I have found what it is that I was looking for, I have found what was missing from my life. God has just spoken to me. I have decided to turn my life over to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have decided to denounce violence in all its forms. I will not speak, sing, write or think violence, nor will my actions be violent. Instead I want to be Christ-like. If I get out of this hell-hole by winning my appeal, Jamaica and the world will be seeing a new Vybz Kartel. A Vybz Kartel that will not make our youths think it is good to be bad. I will no longer promote a gun culture in my music. Instead I want to do to Portmore what Sizzla has done to August Town in ridding the community of violence. In fact, I have already reached out to Sizzla to see if his August Town Movement is something we can bring to the rest of Jamaica or even the rest of the world.

I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off me. Like the woman at the well, I was searching for things that could not satisfy, but glory be to the most high God, I am now drinking from a well that can never run dry.

To all my family, friends and fans out there who are missing me and longing to see me, have no fear, if it is God’s will, it will be done and you will see me soon. But do not get too caught up in Vybz, seek and find Jesus Christ and you will have all that you need. I wish for you the peace that I have found. Please seek and find Jesus Christ. My baptism is in the work and I am just waiting on the prison’s Chaplin to provide me with a baptism date. I love you and I will see you soon. I no longer want to be called “world boss”. God is the boss of the world and I am his child. Almighty God mi seh… Adijah Palmer.”

Interestingly, Kartel ended his letter with his real name, Adijah Palmer, but he did not say whether or not he will be dropping the Vybz Kartel moniker which has been attributed with so much that is wrong with Jamaica.

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Kartel was recently given the go ahead by a judge to file his appeal in his murder conviction.



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  1. Looking forward to seeing you live the change. God’s speed my brother, it’s a process.

  2. I gonna ask again, adijah have you confess to the killing of lizard. For u to accept Christ u have to confess your wrong doing n not broadly state that u are sorry for everything that u have done.
    Not going to work! Did u kill lizard?

    Answer that question n you are on the road to be forgiven.

    • That confession is with him and God so all who want to hear it go tek a seat ….. and prepare to spill out yours ….. who is free of all sins go ahead and cast the first stone.

  3. You missed the point.. in not charged for murder n not looking to redeem myself that’s the first point
    What’s wrong with confessing if u want redemption. U really want turn over a new leaf!
    Jus stop this overburdened cliche of without sin cast stone…
    So tell mi something if n only if lizard a u family would u talk the same way..be honest now! I just u would want some closure….
    I’m not condemning the inmate but jus saying come straight up n fess up.
    Police trinity did it, ningaman did it, etc , they all found Christ in prison n what happened after…..
    I rest my case.

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