Vybz Kartel is Black again.

White Vybz Kartel vs Black Vybz Kartel
White Vybz Kartel vs Black Vybz Kartel

King of the dancehall, Vybz Kartel, must be reading the teachings of Marcus Garvey while locked away in prison because the man, who was once ashamed of his melanin, seems to be now embracing it.

Kartel is no longer looking like Michael “Cake Soap” Jackson; instead the world boss looks more like one of the twins from “Marassa and Midnight”.

There are some who says that the deejay might not be finding beauty in blackness but was rather forced into being Black again as Jamaica prisons clamp down on the sneaking of bleaching cream into the prisons by warders and visitors. 18 Karat Reggae doubts that is the case, however, as Kartel has now tagged himself as the #MelaninMan on his Instagram.

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Who would have thing that the world boss / prison boss / bleaching boss would one day emulate the ever African conscious Mutabaruka:

However you look at it, this is a very good move that Kartel has made. Like it or not, young people look up to him. The man had millennials eating of the palm of his hands before his incarceration and nothing has changed since he got incarcerated. So shunning bleaching is a very positive move by the Gaza Don and it will impact many Black boys and girls all over the world to do the same.

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So how do Gaza fans feel about Kartel being Black again? The female fans on social media says that the deejay look better as a Black man and the male fans say only a Black Vybz Kartel is the king of dancehall.

Selector Foota Hype alluded to the fact in one of his daily videos, even though he did so in a humorous way but the selector pointed out the fact that many Jamaicans will now stop skin bleaching because they do everything Kartel does.



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