Is Vybz Kartel’s attorney in cahoots with the Government?

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Lisa Hanna, Vybz Kartel, Tavares-Finson
Lisa Hanna, Vybz Kartel, Tavares-Finson

Jamaica’s Security Minister announced last week that procedures including technological solutions have been put in place to make sure Vybz Kartel will no longer be able to record from prison. It was not surprising news as we could tell it was coming since the Lisa Hanna Fiasco. There is something very suspicious about the timing of all of this however.

Vybz Kartel has been behind bars for five years and it was obvious to most people that he was still recording new songs. Jamaica is a very small island, so if the general public knew that Kartel was recording music behind bars then obviously the Government had to have known, yet nothing was being done about it.

While Gaza fans were patiently waiting for the Kartel appeal to be filed, his attorney kept on saying that they were waiting to get all the paperwork in place. There was nothing ever mentioned about court fees are any money owed to attorneys, the delay according to them was just waiting for the completion of certain court dockets and other paperwork.

When Kartel’s attorney finally got to the point of filing the appeal he made it a point to say that all attorney and legal fees were paid so things were now ready to go. So one has to wonder if Kartel owed some fees from his original trial and the attorneys would not file the appeal until all money owed was paid.

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Less than a month after Kartel’s attorney made the announcement, the Government got heavily involved in the deejay recording in prison with Lisa Hanna going public and saying it should not be allowed. So one has to wonder if Kartel’s attorney was behind the scene pulling strings to allow Kartel to record, that way the deejay could keep making money to satisfy his legal fees. Then once all the fees were satisfied the attorney pull the plug.

The theory might sound far fetch but one must remember that we are talking about Jamaican where corruption and cronyism is rampant. Kartel’s attorney is none other than Tom Tavares-Finson who was not too long ago at loggerheads with the then Minister if Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna over the National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ). Of course the minor conflicts are often tools employed by uptown people to hide their coziness while they exploit the less fortunate downtown, down trodden people.

Obviously we are asking a question and have absolutely no proof that this is a fact, it just seems suspicious when you check the timeline of how things unfold from Vybz Kartel putting out new songs every week to now not being able to record at all.

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If Kartel’s attorney does have something to do with this then it would be similar to what took place in the movie “The harder they come” when reggae artist Ivan (played by Jimmy Cliff) was wanted by the police. Who can forget the scene where the music producer was telling the police inspector that when they catch Ivan they should bring him to the studio before they string him up so he could make a few more hit songs.

Kartel’s attorney is an uptown Jamaican, so it is fathomable that he asked his uptown friends to make sure Kartel was able to release songs until his legal bills are paid. Then once the bills were paid, he call Lisa Hanna and say he is all yours now, feel free to do what you want.

Again, this is not a proven fact, just something that seems highly likely base on events leading how to the world boss recording in prison coming to an abrupt end after five year of being able to at will.



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