Watch Cubans and Tourists try to guess the Jamaican Flag.

Jamaican Flag
Jamaican Flag

Jamaican-born Host/Vlogger Chiney K finally releases the first episode from the newly third season of her controversial “On My Mind” Series.

During her recent stint in Cuba she decided to have people she encountered guess the Jamaican Flag she often carried around.

Speaking on the Season Three Premiere & her new episode, Chiney said, “I am really excited about this season, I can’t believe I am already in a third season! I have great content & a few surprises for my viewers, stay tuned.” Pertaining to the episode Chiney said ” I decided to shoot this episode after realizing while walking around with my Jamaican flag in Havana Cuba, people often shouted out the name of the country they thought the flag was from. I got some interesting answers, so it was only right to make an episode.”

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She also will be releasing a series of Vlogs where her fans can have a look of what her trip was like in Cuba.



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