White women are better at sex than Black women, according to Kanye West.

According to rapper, Kanye West, white women are much better at sex than Black women.

The rapper is not using the usual “submissiveness” of white women that many use to justify why many Black men lust after white women.  Instead the gold digger rapper says it is all about the senses and white women making use of all their senses during sex.

“The more senses that are involved during sexual intercourse, the better the sex is.  White girls get all the senses involve during sex… sight, touch, taste, smell, earring and they even use their sixth sense,” the rapper says.

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“A white women listens to what her man wants and do it, she is very beautiful to look at, her smell is sensual, she knows the right places to touch and she is not afraid to taste.., or swallow if you know that I mean,” the rapper continues.

Kanye West is known for making controversial statements but this might be his most controversial so far.



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  1. Please could we refer to ourselves according to our nationality rather than our skin colour. You would not refer a Chinese man as yellow nor an Indian as Red. Respect starts within so use it for yourself and each other.

  2. I can say this first we are all God’s children!! God made some one way and others the way he wants. When the day of judgement comes skin color will deffinelty not matter! Our souls is what matters. When the color of our skin becomes a problem especially to me is when God says only white pretty people or black ugly people can enter into eternity with him. But because I know that the God whom I serve is respector of no man , no race or skin type it doesn’t matter who you are if your souls are not right we will die and rise in sin and suffer for all eternity. So people let us not bash and call each other names if God should come now we all gonna be judged for the lives we live. I know that there are still color prejudice people still around but please let us love one another matter the color of our skin. I have being on the trains on when I go to sit beside another person they get up because we both don’t share the same skin type. I smile to myself and because I know God for myself it didn’t matter to me because they not hurting me only themselves. If you can’t love the people you see around how can you love God our creator? Look people let us love our brothers and sisters all this doesn’t matter. One love!

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