Why are Black skin bleachers in entertainment so successful?

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Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Vybz Kartel
Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Vybz Kartel

This topic makes a lot of people uncomfortable but it is worth discussing nonetheless. For Blacks who have chosen to bleach their skin, did the bleaching of their skin help their success?

Let’s take a look at Michael Jackson, Vybz Kartel and Beyoncé; all three are notorious skin bleachers and all three are very successful. In fact, Michael Jackson and Vybz Kartel continue to be at the top of their fields from the grave and behind bars, respectively.

So did the skin bleaching help these three in attaining their success?

The Black Vybz Kartel was just as a great a lyricist as the White Vybz Kartel, but it was not until he became white that even his most ardent fans started referring to him as the “world boss”. So was it just natural growth and progress that brought him to those heights or did the skin bleaching play a part?

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It was a Black Michael Jackson that recorded “Thriller”, that album is still the greatest album ever recorded. So the talent was in the man himself. However, he did not become the king of pop until after he bleached his skin and became white. So how much did skin bleaching help Michael Jackson? It is fair to say, as well as common sense tells us, that the skin bleaching did not help the talent but it surely helped the marketing and marketability?
Beyoncé, like Michael Jackson and Vybz Kartel, was very successful as a Black girl in Destiny’s child. In fact, the group was right up there with TLC, En Vogue and the Supremes. Once Beyoncé went solo and started bleaching her skin, however, her career went to another level.

So while skin bleaching clearly does not impact a person’s talent it clearly has a major impact on a person’s marketability and acceptability. It is similar to Christianity in that: based on the fact that civilization started in Africa and even the location of modern day Bethlehem, Jesus could not have been white but that is the way he has been depicted for years. So while Jesus might not have bleached his skin, his skin certainly got bleached in his depictions. As Boom Viniyard says in the song Stolen Legacy, “Had they rendered Jesus Emanuel Christ as he is, your people would not have accepted him.”

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Why do people of the world have such intolerance of melanin, so much so, that it forces the weak minded melanin people to bleach away their blessing from Jah?

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