Will Africa Welcome Etana?


Etana has been crucified by the reggae community, resurrected and then crucified again. Now the strong one is on her way to Africa and one can only hope that the motherland will welcome the prodigal daughter with open arms.

It would be a travesty if Etana was not welcomed in Africa, the land of her forefathers. Even if what she said about supporting Donald Trump was not a misstep and she truly meant it in her heart, it is not the worse to happen in reggae. Jimmy Cliff performed in apartheid South Africa and his career did suffer as a result but it definitely did not hold him down for too long, just enough for Bob Marley to take the crown as “reggae pioneer”. West Indies cricketer, Lawrence Rowe, also went and played in apartheid South Africa and like Cliff; he suffered a little but was able to get his career back on track. So there is precedence to the situation that Etana finds herself in. She has suffered enough already and should not have to suffer for an additional second. In fact, she should be embraced even more than she was before this debacle. In the book Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe wrote: “If a man washes his hands, he can eat with kings.” Likewise, if a queen apologizes, she should be forgiven.

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People need to stop acting like Etana killed the goose that lays the golden egg. The way the strong one has been dragged through the mud, you would think that she is the reason why Portia Simpson can’t get a man and PJ Patterson can’t find a woman. By the way, why don’t Portia and PJ start dating? That would kill two birds with one stone. I digress. There are people doing a lot worse than Etana right now and the reggae community stays quiet.

Ziggy Marley openly supports the maiming and murder of Palestinian babies, women and elderly but you can hear a pin drop where that is concerned. Which is worse; dropping bombs on babies or saying you are going to deport illegal immigrants from your country and build a wall to keep them out? It seems like Black people have lost the ability to analyze and rationalize. Or maybe, because the Arabs were part of the slave trade we don’t care how many Palestinians are slaughtered and therefore Ziggy Marley gets a free pass for supporting their death and destruction.

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Whether or not Etana is welcomed in Africa remains to be seen. We will all know how accepted she is when she performs at the All Nations Reggae Festival. If Etana is greeted with boos instead of applause, I will be very disappointed in Mama Africa.



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