Ziggy Marley thrown from the top of the Reggae chart by Rebelution.

Ziggy Marley & Rebeltuion
Ziggy Marley & Rebeltuion

Not even a full two weeks on the top of the Reggae chart and Ziggy Marley’s new album has already been knocked off the top spot by a foreign reggae group. We use the term “foreign reggae group” to be politically correct because if we called it like it is and said “white reggae group”, we would be accused of race baiting and pulling the race card.

Other media outlets try to dismiss it as Jamaican artists and foreign artists, where foreign artists are just outdoing Jamaican artists because of marketing and business sense, which is a farce. The truth is, for some reason in reggae, melanin has played a major role. The less melanin you have the greater your chance of success. From a purely talent perspective, Shaggy is not worthy to tie she shoe laces of a Sizzla, yet one Shaggy album has outsold the entire Sizzla catalog. Likewise, when it comes to dancehall reggae, Sean Paul cannot even clean Capleton’s shoes, yet one of Paul’s album outsold Capleton’s entire catalog many time over. When it comes to reggae, melanin matters.

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So while it is no surprise and nothing new to see lighter reggae artist outdoing their darker counterparts, seeing a Marley getting overthrown is quite new. Normally, the Marley’s could release an album, win a Grammy for the album, then re-release an acoustic version of the same album and win another Grammy. All of this while true reggae greats like Sizzla, Carleton, I-Wayne and others have never yet won.

Sadly when it comes to sales, reggae is not judged by the quality and content but rather by the complexion of the entertainer. The darker you are, the less you will sell.



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