6 Questions With Westmoreland’s Up & Coming, BabyDall

Singjay recently signed to New York's Tru Money Musiq

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BabyDall’s very first single dropped on May 15th and is already getting a lot of love from radio DJs in multiple countries. “Weed Alone” is currently receiving repeat spins from Bobby Konders on NYCs #1 station Hot97, Killaboo on NYCs IrieJam 93.5FM, WaggyT on Miami’s #1 station 99JAMZ, Washington DCs Ablazin Radio, as well as other markets like Germany, London, Antigua and more. The brand new ganja anthem has also been included in 10 mixtapes.

We caught up with her for the scoop, in 6 questions with Westmoreland’s  buzzing new singjay.

1) When did you start recording/producing your music?  

My first performance was at my basic school graduation day. I was 5 years old and I sang Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World”—will never forget that day. But I didn’t start actually getting serious about recording until 2014.

2) You look much younger than your lyrics sound. How old are you?  

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot. So, I’m older in experience than I am in age, and that comes through in the music—but I’m 19.

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3) Tell us about your recent release, “Weed Alone”.  

The parish where I was born and currently live in [West] is a marijuana base, whether for medical use, or to smoke. I’m not into anything “else” that seems popular these days. Marijuana is my best friend. I’d rather have weed as my company, and comfort…yuh know? So, the song is a fun ganja anthem…juss d weed alone!

4) Can you describe your musical style and why it is unique? 

Female dancehall artist are usually selling sex. But that’s not my zone. My music is my survival story, so it’s gonna hit a little different than what the usual seems to be for us. Big up to all females doing the same, in their own way. The lane is small. But I’m here.

5) Do you have any new projects with specific artists or producers coming up?  

My producer is Jordan “NecoGlock” Jumpp aka TruMoneyMusiq/Infamous Musiq, who is also from Westmoreland. He’s doing a few songs on my EP. KingPin, out of New York’s King Addies, will also do some production on my EP. I am a whole new wave…WE are a whole new wave. Tell dem nuh, Tell dem nuh!

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6) Anything else you would like to tell the people?  Madd love for all the people who have been hitting my socials with good vibes about “Weed Alone”. Especially the DJs and top radio station selectors around the world that been spinning the song, even before it released officially. I don’t think I can explain how grateful I am to be on this journey. Heart full of love and respect for my label Tru Money Musiq, my management King Addies Music, and Infamous Musiq. They have been there every step of the way, along with my big brother who has been my #1 motivator.



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