Alkaline gets mixed reviews at New Rules concert.


According to fans, Alkaline’s performance at the New Rules concert is not as bad as it was at Reggae Sumfest a few years ago but it is still not at the level where he can be considered a great performer/entertainer.

Before toucing the stage at the New Rules concert it had been three years since the vendetta boss touched a stage in Jamaica. The hype and the build up for this performance was huge but reactions to the actual deliver was rather lukewarm.

On the Chiney K live show on 18 Karat Reggae, many fans who went to see Alkaline’s performance expressed disappointment with some even saying the performance was poor. Others say that while the performance could have been better it was decent and would have been better if the stage was not overcrowded with people. The stage was so crowded that at one point DJ Sunshine uttered, “come offa di bloodclaat stage”.

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Live video host Chiney K says that while Alkaline’s performance was not bad, if he want to be mentioned among the greats like Beenie Man or even his nemesis/mentor, Vybz Kartel, he has to study and improve his stage presence.

Below is the recording of Chiney K’s show on 18 Karat Reggae, watch and read the comments to see what fans are saying about Alkaline’s performance.

Were you at the New Rules concert? If so, take the poll and let us know how you rate Alkaline’s performance.

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