Buju Banton will prove if President Obama cares about Black people.

Buju Banton
Buju Banton

“George Bush don’t like Black people” is a phrase made popular by rapper Kanye West after hurricane Kathrina and the then president’s nonchalant attitude to the suffering people of New Orleans.

The same phrase Kanye used for Bush could also be used for Obama, as president Obama has done absolutely nothing to benefit Black people during his presidency. As the president completes his last couple months in the oval office, those in the reggae community are pleading with him to pardon one of their fallen warriors who was framed in a narcotics sting.

Reggae great and Rastafarian, Buju Banton, was charged and convicted with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He is currently serving a mandatory 10-year sentence and is due to be released in December of 2018. The current state or reggae cannot wait that long, however, and fans are yearning for Banton to return with his healing lyrics. These fans have been signing petitions and pleading to president Obama to pardon the Rasta musician.

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At the end of George Bush’s presidency, he pardoned rapper John Forte who was also serving a drug sentence. Unlike Buju Banton, Forte was actually caught with liquid cocaine, so it can be assumed that he was not framed. Buju Banton was framed.

If George Bush who does not like Black people can pardon a jailed rapper then Obama who claims to love Black people could definitely pardon a reggae artist.

For now all we can do is watch and hope. President Obama is busy rallying Black votes for Hillary Clinton and the reggae community has their fingers crossed, hoping he will find it in his heart to free the Rasta Man.

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