Dancehall Music Feuds: Popcaan, Mavado, Vybz Kartel and Alkaline.

Alkaline, Vybz Kartel and Popcaan
Alkaline, Vybz Kartel and Popcaan

Today dancehall is in a state of feudalism, that even Rasta artists are beginning to clash each other lyrically. Below we lay out the timeline of how dancehall got to its current state.

Popcaan started a feud with Movado with his hit song “World Cup” , Movado responded by doing a song to counteract it “Dem Run In” which was seen as a diss to Popcaan and Demarco. Drake had been quiet about the matter for a while, but recently he has said there is a winner of the battle in his opinion. He thought Movado was the winner, even though both Movado and Popcaan are his friends.

Popcaan felt the need to retaliate and he called Movado a “Dutty Dread” and this has caused their fans to call for a clash between the both artistes. Movado decided to make another track to counteract the “Dutty Dread” talk, it is called “Funeral” and Popcaan made a comeback with “RPG”.

Movado then decided to release a track as a response to Popcaan, he called it “Dem Dead Already” in it he was claiming the victory. The clash ended as Popcaan refused to voice on a rhythm that was sent by Movado for him to voice on. So they decided it was the end of the clash. This was reported by the Gully Side Camp.

Popcaan has been defending Drake for quite some time. Looking back at the time when Mr. Vegas had a problem with Drake and started calling him “Fake Drake”, Popcaan had defended Drake in those days and there are some people who would say Drake should be on Popcaan’s side now.

Drake has seen Popcaan as a friend for a while now; he has spoken about him in nice ways, even calling him a Legend because of the music he creates the wisdom he shares. Both of them have made music together which started controversy with Mr. Vegas and Popcaan had defended his friend Drake at all times.

Drake has performed with Movado before on a few occasions, but he has not said the things he said about Popcaan, when he speaks about Movado. It seems as if he has not been saying much about him. This is a video of their performance:

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Drake even decided to show off his Jamaican accent, as he clearly likes being associated with the Jamaican music and Culture.

He has also said Vybz Kartel is his favorite artiste in an earlier interview. It seems as if he likes the way Vybz Kartel uses words in a remarkable way. He has been able to keep audiences captivated for a long time, even when he is not able to perform because he is behind bars.

Drake has been talking about Dancehall music in this way “I love dancehall flows, especially as of late,’ he says.’I pretty much won’t even rap on a beat unless it’s got some magic element of new tempo or new pocket, where I hear myself and feel like I’ve stumbled upon something new.”

This is causing some Jamaicans to be wondering how far Drake will go with the sampling of Jamaican music, is he doing anything that is good or bad for dancehall music. Some Jamaicans believe he is helping to expose our music so that our artiste can get more recognition, and others believe he is only creating more fame for himself and he doesn’t care about the Jamaican artistes at all.

So now the some people have started to wonder, if Movado stole Drake from Popcaan or vice versa. There are some of us who believe that artistes make decisions to boost their careers whenever they think it is necessary. They sometimes make and break friendships in order to increase their popularity, because of this, fans should not pay too much attention to the things they do when they are not on stage.

But if you are one of those dedicated fans who think it is important to pay attention to everything these artistes do and say. Then you will be kept busy and very entertained with all the interviews and the different challenges the artistes seem to face every day as they try to keep themselves in the spotlight, so they won’t be forgotten as new artistes rise up to take their places.

Bob Marley sang about the rat race when he was in the music business a long time ago, and it seems as if nothing much has changed in the business since he died. Artistes are unable to earn much whenever they only perform in Jamaica. Whenever they get recognition from foreigners they seem to be very excited about that, as they believe their ability to earn will increase. Even though there is a belief that travelling in order to earn has caused Buju Banton to be in an American jail cell right now. Buju Banton was incarcerated after his trial in America; he is one of the very talented Jamaicans who have been locked up for a while.

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Another feud has been brewing between Alkaline and Popcaan, and Popcaan even ignored Alkaline at “Rebel Salute“, an event that was recently held in Jamaica. This feud could become even bigger than the Gully Gaza feud that ended about 5 years ago between Vybz Kartel and Movado, if it doesn’t come to an end soon. Alkaline has recently released a new single, which has lyrics that can be seen as words he has used to diss Vybz Kartel and Popcaan. This has caused an uproar among the Vybz Kartel fan base, this has happened before and it seems as though Alkaline likes disturbing the Vybz Kartel fans.
Since Popcaan got his Range Rover Evoque convertible from Drake, sources have revealed that Alkaline is saying Popcaan boyfriend bought the vehicle for him. It has been revealed by sources, that Popcaan will be signing with a Canadian record label soon and that is why he got the Range Rover.

Alkaline’s single was produced by DJ Frass, it will be one of the tracks on his debut album “New Level Unlocked” it is due to be released soon. Fans will like how he rhymes on a dancehall beat. These are some of the lyrics:

“Everybody vex over what mi never said
They say mi should show respect to the dead
Mi no understand what some other man a meds
But mi couldn’t just put no bubbles in a mi head



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