Elephant Man’s baby mother saved his son as she was killed.

Shamar "Ratty" Grant
Shamar "Ratty" Grant

Dancehall star Elephant Man is lucky to not have lost one of his children, thanks to the mother of one of his sons. Shamar Grant aka Ratty was shot multiple times as the 38 year old laid in bed with her 13-year-old son at their home in Cedar Valley Road in St Andrew.

Neighbors said that the Ratty had a strange feeling that something was going to happen to her just a day before her death.

“A Sunday me see her and she a tell mi say she nuh like how she feel ’cause she have a bad dream. She say she dream somebody a chase har down fi kill har, and she run go over Jack and go hide under the cellar and she end up escape. When she done talk, she go cook har dinner, and from that mi nuh see har back,” one of Grant’s friends told 18 Karat Reggae.

“Ratty love har son to death, mi a tell yuh. Him a go turn 14 on October 22. Him tell wi say when him mother get the first shot, she shub him offa di bed and tell him say, ‘Stay behind mi’,” a friend said.

“She love him, mi a tell yuh. Fi har life was all about har little Shizzle sah,” said one community member.

Grant’s uncle Conroy Pinnock told 18 Karat Reggae that she was very loving and straight-forward. He said that he does not know who would have wished to harm her.

“Mi neva hear she say she and nobody have nuttn and no bad vibes nuh gwaan or she would a tell har friend them,” he said



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