Everybody kills Popcaan.

Popcaan smoking weed
Popcaan smoking weed

When you are a top-flight dancehall artist and you face off with a rapper in a dubplate clash and you lose, that should be a hint that clashing is not for you. A dancehall artist losing to a rapper in a soundclash environment is like a sumo-wrestler beating Usain Bolt in the 100m dash; or Lionel Messi beating LeBron James in one and one basketball.

Therefore, when Wiz Khalifa demolished Popcaan at culture clash, the unruly one should have taken the hint and just stick to making hot party songs that gets the club banging. He should have stayed out of the clash lane and make a conscious effort to stay away from any lyrical confrontations. Everyone still remembers, “Hey Pop tart, I know you gave Drake a hand job for that drop.”

Popcaan continued to get into lyrical battles with other artists however. Mr. Vegas killed him ruthlessly, not so much with lyrics but with a video. The video depicted Popcaan at a bathroom door holding toilet paper for Drake. .

Then not even weeks later, Popcaan got into it with Mavado only to be quickly defeated with some lyrical bombs and grenades. The clash with Mavado was so lopsided it seems like Popcaan was waving the white flag before the war even started. There were words on the street that the confrontation between Poppy and the gully god was for Drake’s attention; kind of like 2 girls fighting over a man.

Then most recently, Alkaline who even MC Nuffy refers to as nobody has thrown some very potent lyrics at Popcaan. In a song call Microwave, Alkaline went as far as saying Popcaan’s boyfriend bought the unruly one a Range Rover.

Popcaan needs to give up on clashing. As the Americans would say, he is not built like that or he is not about that life.
Stick to party and girls songs Popcaan. Clashing is not your cup of tea.



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