You hired Spice, not Marion Hall, you idiots.

Spice and Lady Saw
Spice and Lady Saw

Lady Saw is the female DJ who turned to Christianity, gave up the raunchy dancehall persona and now goes be her real name Marion Hall. Spice is still the female DJ who performs X-rated sets on stage. Lady Saw is the one who is now winning soul for Christ. Spice is still doing her thing like Spice has always done, nothing have changed.

The organizers of the event honoring Jamaica’s athletes at the National Indoor Stadium on Saturday night must have heard that Spice was giving up sex either for a year or when Vybz Kartel is released, whichever comes first and thought she was giving up her raunchy stage performance. So they were shocked and disappointed when they anticipated a Grace Thrillers type the of a performance and ended with a, well, Spice type of performance.

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The organizers are the only ones to blame for not doing proper research. If they wanted a Grace Thrillers type performance, they should have hired Marion Hall, the former Lady Saw. What these organizers did were similar to what Isaiah Laing did when he hired Sizzla for Sting and expected the Rasta not to “bun batty boy”.

Needless to say Saturday night turned out to be an embarrassment for organizers, patrons and Spice.

The event boasted notable attendees, including Governor General Patrick Allen, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt, our Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his wife, Juliet.

Spice started her performance with her unique vibrant energy only for the crowd to remain stiff as they shifted uncomfortably, cast uncertain glances and offered uneasy smiles. To say the situation was embarrassing would be a severe understatement. Some persons argue that had Spice performed subtle songs, or something more suitable for that audience and event, she would not have received such a response.

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To those who are criticizing Spice, they must realize that; you can’t turn a dog into a lion, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife and you cannot turn Spice into the Grace Thrillers.

When Spice announces that she is following in the footsteps of Lady Saw and give her life to Jesus Christ, only then should fans or organizers expect different from what they got on Saturday night.

So organizers if you are having an event for dignitaries, hire Marion Hall or Grace Hamilton but not Spice.



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