Is China embracing Jamaican culture so they can take over the island?

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Reggae Music in China
Reggae Music in China

A Dancehall or Reggae song being number one in China was unheard of until now. So how did “Call from God” by Jango Fresh, shoot to the top of the music charts in the communist country?

Most people believe it is just the effect of the Jamaican culture and the impact it has had on people all over the world. There are skeptics, however, who believe it is a deliberate plot by China to make it seem like they are embracing Jamaican culture on their mainland as they try to conquer Jamaica.

While many see the video above as just innocent fun and great dancing, others see ulterior motives. Some even believe that it might be a move that was orchestrated by the Chinese Government.

Some believe that just like there are ChinaTowns in major municipalities all over the world, there is an effort by China to also have China islands, and Jamaica is the first target.

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While many on Facebook were celebrating the Chinese people who were dancing to the reggae dancehall song, Facebook user, Jylessa Stephens, was not that impressed.

“Dem a get ready fi come fi Jamaica but uno smile un tink dem cute a dance, hahaha,” Stephens said.

It was pointed out that it was just enjoyment and appreciation of Jamaican music but Stephens was still not impressed.

“Fi keep yuh distracted lol,” she responded.

Over the years China has offered Jamaica loans and expertise to build miles of new highways. It has donated security equipment to military and police forces, and built a network of Chinese cultural centers. And it has dispatched large shipments of test kits, masks and ventilators to help governments respond to the pandemic.

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The initiatives are part of a quiet but assertive push by China in recent years to expand its footprint and influence in the region through government grants and loans, investments by Chinese companies, and diplomatic, cultural and security efforts.

So China may not need to prove that it is embracing Jamaican culture and music in order to assert dominance on the island as it clearly is already doing so.

So maybe the Chinese people are just genuinely starting to love Dancehall and Reggae Music.
Call from God is featured on the album 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS and it is the first number one song by Jango Fresh.



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