Is Shenseea’s mixed heritage the reason she has become more popular than Spice?

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Spice and Shenseea
Spice and Shenseea

Some say Shenseea is the female version of Shaggy and Sean Paul in Dancehall music, not as talented as her darker counterparts, but her mixed heritage and lighter complexion more than make up for what she lacks in talent.

Shenseea has quickly surpassed the “queen of the Dancehall”, Spice, both in terms of popularity and music streams across popular music platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. This is not because Shenseea has better lyrics, voice, delivery, or command of a stage. In fact, without the effects on her voice, she sounds more like that old lady at church who choses to sing her testimony rather than to tell it.

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No true dancehall fan will deny that Spice has better flow, delivery, voice control and stage presence. That’s the reason fans gave her the crown relinquished by Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw. Still Shenseea’s fan base continues to outgrow Spice’s at an alarming rate, in a short time span and with far fewer songs.

There is no going around society’s love for lighter complexion, that’s why Jamaica has the most skin bleachers per capita. Shenseea’s talent is tied up in her complexion.

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It is safe to say that if Spice wants to catch up with Shenseea in terms of fanbase and popularity she might have to do what Vybz Kartel and Michael Jackson did, Michael “cake soap” Jackson that is.



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