Jah Cure was being a bodyguard for his bodyguard when he was knocked out.

Jah Cure
Jah Cure

An anonymous source from Jah Cure’s camp has revealed that it was not Jah Cure who was having an affair with another man’s wife but rather Jah Cure’s bodyguard.

According to the source, Jah Cure’s and his entourage were staying at a hotel in the Bahamas. A married woman with whom one of the crooner’s bodyguards was having an affair was also at the hotel. The husband of the woman tracked her to the hotel where he and Cure’s bodyguard got into a heated exchange. As the exchange got physical, Cure stepped in to escalate the violence; the Rasta wanted to be a peacemaker but ended up being knocked out cold. Normally it is the celebrity who has the beautiful lady in his arm while the bodyguard protects them. In this case, however, it seems like Jah cure and his bodyguard was playing trading places.

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Jah Cure posted on his Instagram that he would be giving the full story soon but so far he has yet to done so.

There is a lesson for Jah Cure and other reggae stars to learn from this incident. If you hire bodyguards you should let them bodyguard you, under no circumstance should you become their bodyguard.

See the video of the fight below.



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