Jamaicans are not stupid, Spice is a liar.

Spice and Jamaicans
Spice and Jamaicans

Jamaicans are happy and giving thanks to Jah that hurricane Matthew with its category 4 wind did not touch our little islands. Female dancehall artist, Spice, wants the world to believe that some Jamaicans are actually disappointed that the hurricane missed the island as they were well prepared for it. Spice is just seeking some media attention as everybody know that in life we always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

It is very sad that people all over the world will read Spice’s ridiculous statements that she made to a Jamaican tabloid and they will be saying, “Damn, Jamaicans are really stupid.”

According to Spice, she and many other Jamaicans spent a lot of money preparing for the hurricane and are very sad that it missed the island. They say most celebrities are selfish and spoiled and Spice seems to be exhibiting those attributes as she shows no concerns for the Jamaicans who did not have the money to prepare for a hurricane, especially those in houses that would not withstand 140mph winds.

I am extremely disappointed that we made so many preparations and it didn’t come,” Spice said.

“A lot of people feel the same as me because I got messages from people saying, ‘Spice, I spend mi last and no hurricane’, so I know a lot of people are also disappointed, especially the poor people that went and bought so much food and made so much plans.”

Spice might be disappointed that the hurricane did not come to Jamaica but she is definitely lying about a lot of people writing her and saying they are disappointed too. Jamaicans are just not that stupid. Someone needs to tell Spice to stop spreading those lies and making Jamaicans look illiterate to the rest of the world.

Thank God for fellow female entertainer, D’Angel, who is also talking about the hurricane missing the island and she is the honest representation of how Jamaicans really feel.

“I was prepared because I was watching the news, and based on the reports, I had to take precautionary measures,” she said.
“I faced two storms, Gilbert and Ivan and I know what I went through. This would have been my son’s first storm, so I had to take precautions in terms of food supplies, candles and everything,” D’Angel said.

D’Angel understand that, just because you wear your seatbelt and never get into an accident, that does not mean you should regret that you wore a seatbelt or be disappointed for doing so. We all need to be prepared for the dangers that might come our way, whether or not those dangers manifest themselves.

So for this week, D’Angel gets the “intelligent Jamaican” award, while spice is the winner of the “too dumb to be a Jamaican” award.



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