Is Marvin The Beast an Entertainer or Sexual Sadist

Marvin The Beast and Yanique The Curvy Diva
Marvin The Beast and Yanique The Curvy Diva

The photo above depicts Marvin The Beast normal human-being with all the traits of a responsible individual, well as far as the eyes can associate image with behaviour that is.

Who knows who Marvin The Beast is at home or during a regular day when dancehall is not providing him with a cover. What we know for sure, is that on party nights he morphs into  what seems to many like a Sexual Sadist.

Let’s look at Sexual Sadism Disorder for a minute: it’s often described as a condition of experiencing sexual arousal in response to the extreme pain, suffering or humiliation of others. Sexual sadism is considered a mental disorder; it is one of several paraphilias wherein lies an obsession with unusual sexual practices and/or with actual sexual activity with nonconsensual persons.

The true sexual sadist is cruel and his actions are not wanted by the victim. For example, spanking involves only minimal pain; whereas whipping, shocking, burning, beating, stabbing, strangling, raping, mutilation and murder indicate torture and suffering.

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In this photo Marvin the Beast proceeds to dive atop the female held down by his cronies as though she was a water bed. Now, he maybe a Mild sadists who seek out masochistic partners, and their behaviors are consensual. Major sadism however is not consensual and can involve injury and death.

This female may have been okay with Marvin’s daggering shenanigans but she certainly wouldn’t want him to remove her wig. That speaks to the humiliation aspect of sadism. He embodies almost all the characteristics of this disordered but his behaviour continues to be passed off as entertainment.

Now let’s not pretend that daggering and dry-humping is not imbedded in the DNA of dancehall. Yes, men and women have been grinding on each other since it’s conception. It’s hard to categorize what Marvin “The Beast” does as merely gyrating though …the writers contention is….are we creating a dancehall monster by being complicit in his sadistic form of entertaining? Does Marvin The Beast have dance moves or just abusive tactics aimed at domineering and degrading females?

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The video to follow {Interview with OnStage host Winford Williams} will provide a more in depth look at how he treats women on the dance floor, how he responds to criticism of such behaviour and his overall nonchalance when it comes to what’s appropriate or not!



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