King Addies Shuts Down Miami

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The King Addies family takes you on an exciting journey to America’s BADDEST 90’s themed Dancehall festival, Dandy Shandy, which also featured impromptu performances by some of Jamaica’s biggest stars: Shaggy, Wayne Wonder, Baby Cham and Christopher Martin.

Organized by JT4 Events, a collective of event producers lead by legendary Jazzy T, all walks of life came together for this unique moment of authentic Jamaican sound culture and entertainment.

Now in its 7th year of existence, and previously featuring other top international sounds like Stonelove, Bass Odyssey, Travelers, and Waggy T, Jazzy T says, “This is the biggest turnout, and the best Dandy Shandy event, so far.”

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Far exceeding previous pre-covid attendance in this staging, Dandy Shandy came back stronger in numbers AND, many patrons flew in from all over the country for the huge one-night event.

An undeniable icon in the international sound clash industry, which often overshadows almost four decades of successfully shelling parties, concerts and festivals around the world, America’s most notorious ‘sound killer’ proves (once again) that legendary King Addies is much more than sound clash royalty.



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