Mr. Vegas proves that Dancehall has great role models.

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Often times Dancehall Music is depicted as a genre that promotes sex and violence with hardly anything positive or conscious to offer the youths. My. Vegas is leading by example and doing s brilliant job to show that the genre should not be painted with a broad brush as there are lot of artistes who are doing positive things.

The Heads Higher singer is not only instilling the importance of education to his fans but he is actually leading by example.

Following the milestone occasion of earning his GED in 2019, Mr. Vegas was afforded the opportunity to pursue an associate degree in mass communications at Broward College, which, he told 18 Karat Reggae, was rough at first.

“I almost quit the first day I opened the modules for my statistics course. However, I sought help and after a few weeks, I realized that it was only critical thinking,” Mr Vegas shared.

Other challenges presented themselves while completing his studies, most of which were largely time-related, he said.

“Balancing making time to complete assignments along with my busy schedule before the pandemic was just one of those challenges,” Mr Vegas said. “During the pandemic, I had a lot more time to focus and stay ahead of my assignments.”

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Taking into consideration the industry he is actively pursuing a career in, he said mass communications seemed to be the right fit. However, he plans on taking his studies further.

This Saturday, May 8, Mr Vegas will graduate with a 4.0 GPA which, he said, “is helping me to matriculate into Florida International University,” where he plans to major in sociology.

GED credentials show that a person has attained 12-grade level.

“With the technological era we are in, and because of the industry I am a part of, I decided to follow that path,” she said. “I want to be more than an artiste. That is the reason I decided to pursue sociology. I want to be an agent for change. I want to challenge the status quo and push for social reform in my home island of Jamaica.

“Graduating for the first time from any institution is a big achievement for me. I am so proud of the fact that I did not allow age or my status to thwart my goals. I really wish my mom was alive to see me in my gown. She would be so proud,” he said.

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Mr Vegas says there are more opportunities for persons to pursue a degree in comparison to 10 years ago, and he also believes that “COVID-19 forced institutions to pivot to more robust hybrid learning.”

He added “Providing virtual classes via platforms like Zoom really helped to supplement the online self-paced learning and made it a lot easier. Even YouTube, like other educational platforms, is loaded with information that can assist with learning.”

The dancehall artiste said dedication, determination, discipline, and respect for himself and others are some of the lessons Broward College has imprinted on his character.

Speaking on his career as a recording artiste and songwriter, Mr Vegas said that all the lessons learnt in college will come full circle.

“I would like to be a well-rounded orator, and I think being more educated will impact my writing as an artiste. I also hope I can inspire our youth,” he said.



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