Popcaan crying for peace because he can’t win the war.

Back in the 90s at the height of the lyrical feud with Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, the warlord chanted the following about his nemesis; “Dem a bawl fi peace tru dem caan win di war.” Fast forward to over 20 years later and Mavado could use the exact same lyrics against Popcaan. In a shocker and what could be the first in dancehall history, Popcaan is waving the white flag and calling for a truce between him and Mavado.

After the fans made their opinions known that Popcaan was no match for Mavado, in their lyrical war, Popcaan got on twitter to apologize to both the fans and Mavado for the things he has been saying during the lyrical battle.

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Popcaan took to Instagram to issue the following statement:

To My Younger And My Older Fans I would like to Apologize For All The language That I Been Using In Me And mavado lyrical #battle We have no violence whatsoever towards each other, bless up all real dancehall music fans wey been a follow the culture and bless up mavado #Wayup

To some Popcaan might be taking the high road but to others he might be giving credibility to Black Rhyno when he referred to the unruly one as Courage the cowardly dog. There is a saying that, if you can’t be them join them, so fans should not be surprise if Popcaan becomes part of the gully. Maybe next week this time, he will be chilling with Chase Cross and Three Star General, smoking marijuana and drinking Hennessy om the gully side.

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