Popcaan is no match for Mavado, according to dancehall reggae fans.

Mavado and Popcaan
Mavado and Popcaan

Mavado and Popcaan have been trading lyrical shots for a few weeks now. This week, however, fans have heard enough to make their minds up and the consensus is that Mavado is the clear winner.

A majority of dancehall reggae fans agree that Mavado’s lyrics and punchlines are just too potent and lethal for Popcaan to handle. Some fans were even wondering if Mavado has gone back to working with his older writers from back in the days when he used to release nothing but hits after hits.

On a popular dancehall forum, user Brutos commented the following, “Definitely Flex and Tanso a write fi him again caw him new song writer dem a write this… This is the time Poppy wish him still have Kartel fi write a song fi him,” in response to Mavado’s song Funeral which is aimed at Popcaan.

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Another user begged Mavado to take it easy with Popcaan as he unruly one was being handled very roughly. “A somebody pickney go easy wid him nuh.yu a kick up the corpse so yu too wicked wicked,” said a user who identified himself as Tall One.
“Flaapcorn turn Vado beating stick,” another user added.
In the song Funeral, not even a lyrical bullet proof fest could protect someone from the fire Mavado is spitting. In one verse the gully god chants:
When mi ah kill people, him ah get box up and beating
cry every time him boss call a meeting

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Those lyrics are in reference to what is believed in the dancehall community that Vybz Kartel would beat his students on a regular basis. Popcaan was not only one of Kartel’s students; he was a prefect or the head boy so to speak

Only time will tell how long this lyrical battle between Popcaan and Mavado will last. For the majority of dancehall fans, however, Popcaan is not in Mavado’s league, at least not when it comes to clashing.



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