Popcaan wants nothing to do with Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire.

Popcaan smoking weed
Popcaan smoking weed

Most of the Gaza artists including their leader Vybz Kartel have reunited on a major project; however, missing from the project is the one time prefect, Popcaan.

Producer Zum of Good Good Productions has reunited Vybz Kartel’s defunct Gaza camp for a new project called ‘Vybz School’ riddim.
The rhythm features most of the recording artists who were signed to Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire; including Lisa Hyper, Shawn Storm, Vybz Kartel, Blak Ryno, Tommy Lee Sparta, Merital, Jah Vinci, and Sheba.
Deva Bratt and Popcaan who were once major players in the Gaza camp are both missing from the compilation. According to the producer, they had no luck when they tried to contact Deva Brat; however, Popcaan seems not to be interested in getting involved in a Gaza project.

“I never got through to Deva Bratt, and Popcaan was being difficult, so I will leave it as that. I know this will be special because from mi post it online, the feedback has been very good, and mi not even drop the rhythm yet. People literally can’t wait for it to drop,” Zum said of the rhythm that was released on the weekend.

While the producer never got into the actual details of how Popcaan was being difficult, it might be safe to assume that there may be some bad blood between the unruly one and the Gaza camp. Dancehall duo, PG-13, which comprises of Vybz Kartel’s two sons, made a song in the past dissing Popcaan. Recently, however, Kartel came to Popcaan’s rescue when he was being severely beaten lyrically by Mavado, so gaging their relationship has not been easy.

“Gaza made a strong print in dancehall and they were one of the first groups to make their own rhythms and deejay on it as a group. They had the support of the street and people just generally love Gaza vibe,” the producer added.



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