President Obama commutes sentence of Rapper Tampa Tony but not Reggae Artist Buju Banton.

Tampa Tony and Buju Banton
Tampa Tony and Buju Banton

Jamaican reggae artist, Buju Banton and Tampa Bay’s rapper, Tampa Tony are both serving drug sentences in prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Buju Banton is serving a 10-year sentence and Tampa Tony was serving a life sentence.

Thanks to president Obama, Tampa Tony will not have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. The president has commuted the rapper’s sentence from life to 240 months.

Reggae fans were hoping to that president Obama would also commute the sentence of living reggae legend, Buju Banton, but the president did not such thing. It seems like all of Obama’s grinning and talking patois in Jamaica was nothing but political posturing. So sadly, Buju Banton will have to serve out his 10-year sentence as president Obama turned a deaf hear to the cry of Jamaicans and reggae fans all over the world.

Buju Banton whose real name is Mark Myrie was convicted for “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute” and “using the wires to facilitate a drug trafficking offense,” federal offenses that together carry a 10-year penalty. A third conviction, “knowing and intentionally carrying a firearm to further a drug offense” (5 year minimum), was thrown out at his sentencing hearing, however upon appeal by the Prosecution, the charge was reinstated. Prosecutor later dropped the firearm charges in exchange for Buju Banton to drop all future appeals.

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Reggae fans were hoping that Buju would have been freed before Obama left office, but no such luck. It remains to be seen if reggae with American citizenship will make Hillary Clinton pay for Obama’s wickedness when they go to the poll on Tuesday.

Antonio Lee Alls, Tampa Tony’s real name, has served 104 months of his life sentence since March 5, 2008, but his sentencing was shortened to 240 months on March 18.

The now 41-year-old was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and possession with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. He is currently at Talladega Federal Correctional Institute in Alabama.

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Obama commuted Alls’ sentence to a 150-month prison term, which means he would be released in 2020.

Alls was arrested Oct. 12, 2006 after he accepted a delivery of 24 kilograms of cocaine. Federal law enforcement agents seized $20,000 from All’s vehicle that day and $219,000 from a home in the 12400 block of White Bluff Drive in Hudson.

Law enforcement had used a confidential informant in order to build the case against Alls and his co-defendants, according to court documents.

The confidential informant went to the Arizona home of Sergio Medina, who pleaded guilty to charges in the same case, and picked up a total of 24 kilograms of cocaine between Oct. 5 -6, 2006. The cocaine was scheduled to be taken in a tractor trailer co-defendant Julio Cesar Hernandez-Varela home in Wesley Chapel.

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