Reggae Dancehall Star Elephant Man Is Gay, According To His Son.

Elephant Man
Elephant Man

According to a new track by the son of Elephant Man, the energy god is not only a deadbeat father but he is also a homosexual. The song that has been leaked on the internet has the dancehall world buzzing.

The lyrics are very potent and shows that Elephant Man’s son has a lot of potential. In fact, the lyrics are so good, the son could stand up there with any dis songs that was released in dancehall this year; including dis song released by Mr. Vegas, Demarco, Popcaan and Mavado.

Take a listen to the lyrics for yourself let us know what you think.

One has to wonder if a son would really disrespect his father in this manner or is this just a publicity stunt between Elephant Man and his son. For all we know, Elephant probably helped his song to write that song in order to get maximum publicity.

Let’s wait on see if Elephant Man answers his son in a dis song.



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