Safira Mono brings a breath of fresh air to reggae music.

Safira Mono
Safira Mono

With roots steeped in one of Jamaica’s most historic locations, deejay Safira Mono has always been culturally and socially aware. Those traits are evident in her songs.

The Rastafarian artiste has been recording since 2007. She has established a presence in her hometown as well as some of Jamaica’s toughest areas.
“That’s where some of my biggest fans are. The youths gravitate toward Safira Mono because they know I understand their challenges,” she said.

Safira Mono was born Shockera Pinnock in Spanish Town, an historic area that was once Jamaica’s capitol. She grew up listening to ‘conscious’ performers like trailblazing deejay Lady Ann, Sister Nancy, Lady G and Sister Carol.

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She began recording nine years ago. Appropriately, her first song, ‘Harder Times’, was done for Kick Off Records.

Other songs, such as ‘I Am Not A Toy’ and ‘Monitor’ followed. Her latest song, ‘Monitor’, addresses the plight of Jamaica’s marginalized youth.
‘Monitor’ is produced by Safira Mono’s BadSlave Pinnacle label.

Safira Mono believes it is critical for Jamaican artistes to use their craft to motivate and inspire, especially impressionable youth.
“That’s important because a lot of people don’t get a chance at a good life. We through our music can make a difference.”

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Safira Mono’s song Cruff Life is now being promoted by 18 Karat Reggae. Take a listen below.



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